What Faith Can Do

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Such an encouraging song!
Thursday, August 4, 2011
Every time I see couples holding hands or just plainly sitting next to each other, I look away. It is not that I hate lovers, but because it reminds me of a question nobody can answer..when will I see mine again?

Astro Scholarship Assessment

Tuesday, May 3, 2011
I went to the Astro Scholarship Assessment Day this morning. Woke up babi early to prepare myself physically and emotionally. I lost count of how many interviews I have been to previously but one thing for sure, every single one gave me butterflies in my stomach. But it was a lovely morning, woke up by a message from love wishing me good luck (thanks baby!). After that, I somehow had an instinct that I would have an awesome day. However it was raining cats and dogs on my way there. Sg Besi highway after the toll was a bitch as usual. Cars queuing from bumper to bumper, some idiot tried to jump queue and endless of horning. The interview was conducted at Astro Capability Centre in Technology Park Malaysia. Reaching the place was not a big deal but getting into the center itself was troublesome. Dad and I end up stopping twice to asked the security guards for direction. Who knows the whole TPM was so huge? I reached there 5 minutes late but luckily I were just on time for the ice breaking session. As usual the activity lasted for roughly 15 minutes with everyone stood up to introduce themselves and picked something that we like about Astro. I talked about how awesome Astro decided to launched the AFC channel as I'm a food lover. Many of them came up with creative answers and the tense atmosphere in the room relaxed a little. Over the morning tea break, I had the chance to get to know more about other people. Most of them are doing their A Levels and a couple of them are SPM leavers. Speaking of old age... >.< Regardlessly, everyone got along quite well. I've made a number of new friends like Hoe yen, Sue Ann, YY (I forgot her full name sorry) Lily Koh, Xia Shien, and Wen Han to name a few.

The real fun came after the short break. As we had been divided into 3 groups earlier, our 1st task was  to solve a situation given.  All the groups got the same questions. We were told to imagine ourselves crash landed in a desert with the pilot and co pilot dead. But the rest of us were uninjured (not making sense isn't it?) The pilot failed to inform anyone out there on our position so we're literally stranded in the desert in middle of no where in America (sounds cliche?)  So here comes the question. We were given a list of 15 items and we were suppose to list it in order starting from the most important to the least important item. It might sound easy in the 1st place but it really test our critical thinking and survival knowledge. I should have paid more attention when I watched Man VS. Wild last time. We were given 40 minutes to complete this task with the first 15 minutes we did it individually. Later, we were require to compare and discuss our respective answer and came up with a list that everyone one agree with. My group members were very participating. Each of us trying to sell our points and to convince each other on which is more important. After countless debates whether sunglasses, vodka or a book titled "Edible animals on desert" was more important, we manage to complete the list on time. Then, Mr. Viknesh (I think that's his name) a facilitator read out the list from an expert point of view. All though some of our numberings were way out but we did manage to hit a few correctly. Seriously, who can guess the most important thing to carry when you're stuck in a 50 degrees desert is a cosmetic mirror and not water. And a map is literally useless unless you want to use it as tissue paper or as source of entertainment when you're bored of waiting someone to come rescue you wtf. I was proud of my group members as I think we had really done a great job and we achieve the best score among the 3. Good job guys!

After lunch, it was time for individual interview. Mine was conducted late in the afternoon, about 3.15 pm so I got 2 hours plus to hang out, chatted with the rest, played hangman and a true/false game. I did found out that I would be meeting a few of them again this Friday for Axiata interview. My interview was a typical one, a panel of 2 interviewers were asking me about myself, my family, the course I chose to study, what can I contribute back to Astro, strengh and weakness. It was less tension compared to what I have been through previously. Miss Bernie, one them, is from Kajang as well. I think I did fairly well in this round. Hopefully, I will get into the final round of interview which I guess will be with the senior management team. I considered myself quite lucky as they told that we were the top 80 out of 2000 applicants which made up to almost 4% only? And from this, they will further select another 15-20 candidates for the final round. I'll keep my finger crossed and pray hard to be chosen.

Dad picked me up and we went to the post office in Sri Petaling Carrefour for me to send a document to LSE. Another 80 bucks gone just to mail that one piece of paper. Overall, today was a fantastic day and I'm glad to be able to meet a whole fun bunch of new friends. Back to work tomorrow and hopefully my whole week will be as great as today. Going for a hot bath now.Nitez peeps! Have a nice week =)

P/S: I joined this LSE Freshers 2011-2012 page and guess what, to my surprise there are going to be a lot of Malaysians going to LSE for this coming intake and even better, quite a number of them are going to be my course mates. The student counsel will be organising a freshers camp in 1st week of September somewhere in KL. Will update you on that next time=)


For Good Times and Bad Times, We Will Stand Together As A Family..

Saturday, April 16, 2011
Dad looked so cheerful!
Today, we went out for a dinner in Puchong to celebrate my dad's birthday. Our initial plan was to try out The Lookout Point in Ampang. However, dad's sudden craving of crabs came and we decided to go makan seafood .We went back to the same old restaurant (again..) that we always patronize in Puchong. The meal was delicious except that the amount of crabs was not enough. It's because according to the waitress, one table can order maximum of 1 kg only due the the shortage of crab supply wtf. So, ended up each of us ate a few small (super tiny) pieces only. To make up for the not so laden dinner, we found a dessert shop nearby. The "tong sui" were delectable, the glutinous rice balls were heavenly tasty filled with 2 different fillings (black sesame and peanut). Just now, we had a cutting cake session with my sister through Skype. Maybe, to certain people, you feel that it's weird doing it over a Skype conversation but to us, nothing more important than family moments. Let the pictures  tell you the story...

Mom and bro =)
Some of the food, there's more food actually but my fingers were too occupied peeling the crabs..
Bro having his fun time eating the crab
The restaurant on the opposite side, funny name huh?
Imagine I say " I like to eat at 'Like To Eat' Restaurant"..?
Red bean soup with sweet rice ball
My sis looked so funny here

Epic moment!
I heart this picture the most
Going to PC Fair tomorrow! I sound so pathetically over excited now. It will be my first visit to a PC fair. Will give an update on it soon. Till then, take care peeps. Nitez nitez world (^_^)


You da' man!

Friday, April 15, 2011
My super dad turned 51 today!
Dad, I cherish your birthday because when you were born, I got a role model to show me how a person should be. Every year, your birthday reminds me how grateful I am that you are my father. With all that’s going on in the world today, I’m thankful I get to watch you, to look up to you, being an example of a good man. What a privilege it is to observe your strength, your competence, and your kindness. I am so blessed to be under your wing, your protection, your care, learning important life lessons from you. You stand out and shine above the rest. If all fathers were like you, the world would be a very different and much better place. It would look like God's own design. How lucky I am to have a dad whom I love with all my heart so I pray that on your very special day brings pleasure right from the start.

I miss those times when I was little, my dad holding my hands..
Happy Birthday, daddy! 
May God bless you forever

From your admiring daughter,

P/S: Check this out. LOL!

Get it? If not, please get somebody to decipher it for you. 


Bon appetite!

Sunday, April 10, 2011
It makes you hungry right?
Had time to update my blog at last. Last few days were so hectic, don't even have enough proper sleep. Today was a bliss! Slept in till 12 pm, went out for a short shopping trip and had a lovely western dinner =) Ahhh, such a relaxing day. The dinner was scrumptious, we had chicken chop and fish. The raw ingredients were a gift from my mom's friend. She bought it from a supplier who actually supplied to 21st Century Cafe in Bukit Mewah. So literally the food taste exactly same like the ones we have at the cafe, instead of beautiful scenery of Kajang we had a 12'' TV accompanying us. We even had side dishes like cabbage salad and mashed potatoes courtesy from my brother. Such satisfying and delicious meal without paying sky high price! Of course, we need to clean up the kitchen after that, oh well, can't complain bout that right?

Mom, dad and the food

Next week would be my dad's birthday. Still haven't thought which place to go for celebration. Anyone, if got any great ideas please do let me know kay. Wanna have a memorable one this year. Somehow, for the last few days, I felt a little heavy hearted as I realized for the next coming few years I wouldn't be able to celebrate mom's, dad's, bro's and my birthday together. I wonder if this how jie felt when she first when to Russia. We never missed one birthday before as a family. There's  5 months left before I'll be in a totally new place with unfamiliar faces around me. I'm not sure whether I'm ready to face it or not. Sometimes, even the thought of it sent chills down my spine. Trying to push the thought back of my mind for now.

I had 7 tuition classes for the last two days, totally worn out and exhausted. Starting from this month, I'll have 3 more classes extra including one private tuition. Now I understand the meaning of how hard to earn money. But looking at the amount in my bank account somehow gives me an encouragement to continue. I've already made a list of what I want to purchase once I earn enough.This is my first working experience, not to say very pleasant but worthwhile. At least, my resume now looks better with working experience.

Dad asked my help to make a banner to rent out the dance studio in Kajang Prima. This task itself occupied most of my time for the last few days.I hope it's big and striking enough to attract tenants. My next project is to help my dad to create a new letter head to his newly set up company. It's really testing my computer skills. Google is my new best friend these days, anything I'm not sure just Google it. Haha!

Look at the mess in my room
The final outcome, what do you think?
I'll stop here for today. Till next time, take care peeps! XOXO